Welcome back to the Kitchen Creations of WNY blog! Today, we wanted to take some time to touch on one of the most focal features of your upcoming kitchen redesign, your kitchen countertops. Your countertops are the workhorse of the kitchen, where meal prep, mixing and cooking are done. Your countertops are among the first things noticed about your kitchen when people come over. The materials chosen are as much for their utility as their aesthetics. 

With that in mind, choosing the right countertop material can feel stressful! But don’t worry – this little guide right here aims to help guide you to a material that you’ll love working with. We have several options here at Kitchen Creations, from Granite to Quartz, to Acrylic, and even Laminate! 

When you’re selecting your quality kitchen countertop, you want to keep several things in mind, such as; color and design, size and shape of the material, the way it’ll flow with your backsplash, if you want a kitchen island and matching it with the counters, durability and ease of maintenance, and total cost of purchase and maintenance.

Acrylic/Laminate Kitchen Countertops

A nonporous acrylic that comes in a wide variety of looks, laminate allows you to go wild with colors and designs to make something that really speaks to you. You can go with a simple one-color look with your favorite color, or you can have a creative design. 

Laminate is an excellent option for a budget countertop. The biggest drawbacks are it doesn’t hold up to heat very well, and that it may peel or chip over time.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Modern, clean kitchen with white quartz countertops and off-white cabinets and accents.
Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Quartz countertops are a good option for a cook that doesn’t like the fuss of many natural stone options. These countertops are created by mixing particles of quartz with resins and polymers. The end result is a highly durable surface that mimics the look of natural stone. 

This blend creates a material that is more resistant to household cleaning supplies and chemicals than natural stone. However, Quartz countertops are still sensitive to heat and some high-quality synthetics can be as costly as natural stone. 

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the hardest natural stone materials. Because of this, granite can get to be on the pricier side. However, it is also the most durable. It’s great for kitchens that get heavy use and want to maintain a classic look. Granite countertops are very scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, among the best of natural stone.

However, granite will need to be re-sealed regularly to maintain its look and properties for the long haul. 

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