Hello and welcome back to the blog here at Kitchen Creations of WNY! Our blog is choc-full of remodeling ideas for your kitchen, product ideas, the importance of investing in your kitchen, and more. Today, let’s go over 5 emerging kitchen design trends that are coming into focus for 2024! 

New kitchen design trends are always emerging and evolving, and things that were in fashion when your home and kitchen were constructed might have shifted in the years since. Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, and you deserve for it to be your own. Update your kitchen with pride! 

5 Kitchen Design Trends Emerging in 2024

Beverage Center 

Don’t think just decanters and wine glasses hanging out in a spare corner in a forgotten cabinet, a beverage center is as unique as you are! Open up your countertop storage. You can have an island dedicated to coffee prep. Complete it with an espresso machine, a carafe, some of your favorite mugs on a rotating display, and/or a sealed container for your coffee beans! We’ve seen people even use above-counter storage for things like syrups and other flavorings, bringing the coffeeshop vibes to your warm home.

But don’t let that suggestion limit you! You can do a smoothie and juice center, with all of the equipment needed there, like your juicer, blender, etc. The options are as open as your imagination. Your regular kitchen countertops will thank you for the extra preparation space. 

European Influences and Styles

Kitchen cabinets and cupboards are extremely important to maximize your kitchen storage space, especially in smaller kitchens. Sleek and integrated appliances are popular across the pond, and they’re making their way stateside rapidly. The offer of concealed storage for your smaller appliances when not in use opens up your countertops to more preparation space, and keeps them within reach. These sleek solutions preach efficiency while still giving a pleasing design.

Darker Colored Kitchen Pantries

The days of all-white pantries are going by the wayside in 2024. Darker tones and shades are all the rage nowadays. These colors add a splash of character and breathe some life into your kitchen space. Not only great for form, it also provides function! A darker color for your pantry can help to hide some stains, dents and scratches. Because of all the items you’re storing and constantly taking out, pantry shelves tend to take more wear and tear than your regular cabinets and shelves.

Open Concept Kitchens 

Homeowners are more and more opting for an open floorplan for their kitchens, which means few walls or no walls between the kitchen and adjoining rooms. Why are people looking for this kitchen design? Because it helps improve both functionality and entertainment. After all, it’s easier to be involved in the conversation when you can hear your friends and family in the next room while preparing your meal. The open concept makes your kitchen feel like it’s an extension of the living or dining room, creating an inviting environment. 

Recessed Lighting 

Lighting doesn’t just make it easier to see, it also sets the tone for your entire kitchen. Recessed and layered lighting can help to lift people’s spirits, after all, we feel better in the sunlight than in the dead of winter. Using several lighting sources adds dimension and texture to your Buffalo, NY kitchen, making it more visually interesting. You can even use it as a spotlight to draw attention to certain features, similar to how a museum or art exhibit would. 

Let’s Get Started on Your Dream Kitchen, Together! 

These 5 kitchen design trends aren’t the only ones that are coming down the pipeline in 2024, but setting up a beverage center, having European influences, darker colors in your pantry, open concept kitchens, and recessed and layered lighting are sizing up to be some of the most popular fixtures in kitchen remodeling in Buffalo NY and beyond.

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